IAS Dropbox Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space is available?

Storage is unlimited.

What username and password do I use?

Use your IAS-provided login credentials. 

What if I already have a Personal Dropbox account with an @ias.edu email?

If you already signed up for a personal account with your @ias.edu email address, you will have the opportunity to move your files into a personal Dropbox account with a non-IAS email address when you sign up. When asked where your files should go, select “Move my files to a new personal Dropbox.”

What if I already have a Personal Dropbox Account with a non-IAS email?

If you have already signed up for a personal account with your personal email then this Dropbox account will not impact your personal account and your personal files will still be private to you. If you link your accounts, you’ll be able to access personal and work files from anywhere, while still keeping them separate.

What if I already have a paid Dropbox account?

No problem! Dropbox will automatically refund the remaining balance of your Pro / Plus account once you join the IAS Dropbox Business account. 

What happens when I leave IAS?

You will be able to transfer your files to another Dropbox account. Even if you choose a personal Dropbox account which doesn't have enough space you will still be afforded read-only access to the transferred files.

What is Smart Sync?

Smart Sync is on by default. With Smart Sync, files and folders are online-only. Online-only files use just a small amount of hard drive space to store information like the file name, size, and thumbnail, but the full contents of the files are stored securely in the Dropbox cloud. You’ll always see your online-only files on your computer, so when you need them, you can open them with just a click. See Smart Sync for more information. To make files available even for when you’re offline simply right-click on the file and choose Local from the Smart Sync menu. The full contents of the file will be synced to your computer’s hard drive so you can work offline.


What is Selective Sync?

Selective Sync is an older feature that allows you to choose which files and folders to sync with Dropbox. We recommend you use Smart Sync.

Are my Dropbox files being backed up?

Any files stored in your Dropbox account are not being backed up by the IAS backup system.  Dropbox has its own file recovery and version history system that we recommend you become familiar with.  For Institutional knowledge, we recommend saving your file to IAS storage so that it is backed up with the IAS backup system and recoverable by our IT Staff.