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Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Reading Seminar

Tensor Rank
10:30am|Simonyi Hall 101 and Remote Access

Tensors occur throughout mathematics. Their rank, defined in analogy with matrix rank, is however much more poorly understood, both from a structural and algorithmic viewpoints.

This will be an introductory talk to some of the basic issues...


Joint IAS/Princeton/Montreal/Paris/Tel-Aviv Symplectic Geometry Zoominar

Three 20 minute research talks
Mohan Swaminathan, Ben Wormleighton and Jonathan Zung
9:15am|Remote Access

Mohan Swaminathan (Princeton),Super-rigidity and bifurcations of embedded curves in Calabi-Yau 3-folds

I will describe my recent work, joint with Shaoyun Bai, which studies a class of bifurcations of moduli spaces of embedded pseudo-holomorphic...