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Institute for Advanced Study/Princeton University Early Universe/Cosmology Lunch Discussion

Topic 1: Weak lensing: globally optimal estimator and a new probe of the high-redshift Universe Topic 2: Hidden symmetries of black holes and the vanishing of the Love numbers
Abhishek Maniyar and Luca Santoni
12:30pm|Zoom; IAS, Bloomberg Hall, Biology Conference Room

Abstract 1: In recent years, weak lensing of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) has emerged as a powerful tool to probe fundamental physics. The prime target of CMB lensing surveys is the lensing potential, which is reconstructed from observed...


Institute for Advanced Study / Princeton University Joint Astrophysics Colloquium

Mars: History of a Habitable World and Lessons for Terrestrial Planet Evolution
Bethany Ehlmann
11:00am|IAS, Wolfensohn Hall and via Zoom

What governs whether large-scale planetary habitability is sustained through time? Lakes, valley networks, groundwaters, hydrothermal systems, and chemically open-system weathering once existed on Mars. The suite of aqueous environments preserved in...