Former Members Receive American Astronomical Society Awards

The American Astronomical Society awarded former Members in the School of Natural Sciences with prestigious prizes for outstanding achievements in scientific research, instrument development, and writing. Yacine Ali-Haïmoud (2011–14) was awarded the Helen B. Warner Prize for a significant early-career contribution to observational or theoretical astronomy, specifically for his extraordinary work on a broad array of cosmological problems. For his pioneering graduate textbook, Exoplanetary Atmospheres: Theoretical Concepts and Foundations (Princeton University Press 2017), Kevin Heng (2007–10) secured the Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award. Additionally, Joseph Silk (1975–76) received The Henry Norris Russell Lectureship, which recognizes a lifetime of eminence in astronomical research, for his contributions to our understanding of the early universe and galaxy formation.

The recipients were announced at the 231st semiannual American Astronomical Society meeting near Washington, D.C. To learn more click here.


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