Remembering Vladimir Voevodsky, 1966–2017

On Sunday, October 8, 2017, the Institute hosted a gathering in remembrance of Vladimir Voevodsky, Professor in the School of Mathematics. Friends, family, and the Institute community convened to celebrate his life and legacy.

Robbert Dijkgraaf
Institute Director and Leon Levy Professor

Pierre Deligne
Collaborator and Friend
Professor Emeritus, School of Mathematics

Peter Sarnak
Colleague and Friend
Professor, School of Mathematics

Yuri Tschinkel
University Classmate and Friend
Former Member, School of Mathematics

Tali Shalaby
Daughter (age 19)

Dina Voevodsky
Daughter (age 17)

Nadia Shalaby
Partner (1992–2008) and Best Friend

David Kazhdan
PhD Advisor and Friend (read by Richard Taylor)
Former Distinguished Visiting Professor, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Richard Taylor
Colleague and Friend
Robert and Luisa Fernholz Professor, School of Mathematics

Dan Grayson
Colleague and Friend
Visitor, School of Mathematics

Alexander Beilinson
Colleague and Friend
Former Visitor, School of Mathematics

Avi Wigderson
Colleague and Friend
Herbert H. Maas Professor, School of Mathematics

Inna Zelepukina
University Classmate

Bridget and Matteo Neale Paris
Family Friends

Alexander Goncharov
Colleague and friend

David Maslen
Family friend

To view photos from this event, please click here.

As to future events, a funeral service will be held in Moscow on December 27, 2017. This will be followed by a mathematical conference in honor of Vladimir’s work at the Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences on December 28, 2017.

In further commemoration of Vladimir’s extraordinary and original work, the Institute for Advanced Study will convene an international conference on September 29–30, 2018.