Using Email at IAS

This page outlines the email services provided for the IAS community.

Connecting to Email

You can connect to email through many different methods:

  • Webmail
  • For Windows PCs:
  • For Macintosh systems:
  • Mobile Devices
  • Any IMAP client:
    • Password: your IAS password
    • Use SSL or secure connection: selected
    • Email address: your IAS email address (
    • IMAP or Incoming Server:
    • IMAP Port: 993
    • SMTP or Outgoing Server:
    • SMTP Port: 587

Getting Support

IAS Computing staff are ready to assist you and answer any questions you might have regarding your IAS email account. To receive assistance, please contact the appropriate Helpdesk:

Email Policies

This section outlines policies related to the email environment and email usage on campus.

More Information

  • In-depth Zimbra documentation from ITG
  • Zimbra documentation from Zimbra