Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study

The Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study (AMIAS) is the organization of scholars and researchers who are current or former Members or Visitors to the Institute. Its central purpose is to support the mission of the Institute and to continue for future generations the opportunities for independent, undistracted scholarship that AMIAS members themselves have experienced. Founded in 1974, AMIAS now has over 6,000 members in more than fifty countries.

Kristen Ghodsee

President, AMIAS Board

“I am very honored to have this opportunity to serve the AMIAS community. The association does such valuable work in supporting Members and their families while in residence and promotes communication and collaboration after their visit to the Institute.”

Support Institute Members

Contributions from former IAS Members and Visitors have a significant impact on the Institute’s ability to fund its Memberships, and a gift of any amount is appreciated. To recognize the exceptional support of its former Members, the Institute created three giving circles, each with associated benefits: the Flexner, Aydelotte and Oppenheimer Circles. Former IAS scholars are also encouraged to consider the Institute in their long-term giving plans and become members of the Einstein Legacy Society. Please contact Catie Fleming at (609) 951-4542 or if you have questions about making a contribution.

Give Now

Flexner Circle ($500 - $999)

Honoring Abraham Flexner, benefits include access to:
- Priority ticketing for the Institute’s Edward T. Cone Concert Series
- Special listing in the Institute’s Annual Report as a leadership donor and Circles member

Aydelotte Circle ($1,000 - $1,499)

Honoring Frank Aydelotte, benefits include:
- All of the above as well as
- Institute ID card, to provide access to the IAS Dining Hall, purchase lunches, and make dinner reservations (normal meal fees apply)

Oppenheimer Circle ($1,500 and more)

Honoring J. Robert Oppenheimer, benefits include:
- All of the above as well as
- Invitations to Friends of the Institute events, such as the Friends Lectures, the Holiday Party, and the Annual Picnic hosted by the Director of the Institute
- Use of the Institute’s guest house, Marquand House, for overnight accommodations (as space is available, normal housing rates apply)

2016–17 AMIAS Funded Memberships

Dionysios Anninos

Ruha Benjamin

Yiwei She

Roberto Tottoli

AMIAS Board of Trustees

AMIAS is governed by a scholar-elected Board of Trustees, which meets biannually, sponsors Institute lectures, and welcomes former IAS scholars back to campus each year for special events.

President: Kristen Ghodsee, Bowdoin College
Vice President: Andrew MacFadyen, New York University
Treasurer: Fouad Masrieh
Alison I. Beach, The Ohio State University
Joan Breton Connelly, New York University
William E. Connolly, Johns Hopkins University
Maria Chudnovsky, Princeton University
Duana Fullwiley, Stanford University
Bruce Grant, New York University
Paul A. Hanle, Climate Central
Robert Kusner, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Raul Rabadan, Columbia University
Claudia Swan, Northwestern University
Nancy J. Troy, Stanford University
Karen Uhlenbeck, University of Texas, Austin
Julia Wolf, University of Bristol

Trustees Emeriti
Herb Bernstein, Hampshire College
Robert S. Doran, Texas Christian University
Murray Gerstenhaber, University of Pennsylvania
Steven Mansbach, University of Maryland
Melvyn Nathanson, City University of New York
Jennifer T. Roberts, The City College of New York
James Stasheff, University of North Carolina
Earl Taft, Rutgers University

Community of Scholars

AMIAS encourages, fosters, and supports the scholarly work and interests of IAS Members and Visitors and promotes liaison between IAS and the larger academic community.
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Linda Cooper at (609) 734-8259 or