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Matias Zaldarriaga


School of Natural Sciences
Astrophysics and Cosmology

Matias Zaldarriaga has made many influential and creative contributions to our understanding of the early universe, particle astrophysics, and cosmology as a probe of fundamental physics. Much of his work centers on understanding the clues about the earliest moments of our universe encoded in the Cosmic Microwave Background, the faint glow of radiation generated by the Big Bang, and in the distribution of matter in the late universe. 

Dates at IAS
Faculty Natural Sciences 7/2009current
Member Natural Sciences 9/200112/2002
Member Natural Sciences 9/19981/2001
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D., 1998
Universidad de Buenos Aires Licenciado en Ciencias Fisicas, 1994
MacArthur Fellowship 2006
European Physical Society, Gribov Medal 2005
Sloan Fellowship 2004
American Astronomical Society, Helen B. Warner Prize 2003
Packard Fellowship 2001
Harvard University 2003–2009 Professor 2004–09; Associate Professor 2003–04
New York University 2001–2002 Assistant Professor