Piet Hut

Program in Interdisciplinary Studies
Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

One focus of Piet Hut’s research is computational astrophysics, in particular multiscale multiphysics simulations of dense stellar systems. Another focus is the question of the origins of life, on Earth as well as elsewhere in the universe, for which he is a foreign Principle Investigator at ELSI, the Earth-Life Science Institute at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. A third focus is interdisciplinary explorations in the areas of cognitive science and philosophy of science centered around questions involving the nature of knowledge, which led him to co-found YHouse, a new institute in Manhattan dedicated to outreach and research in the origins and nature of awareness. The author of more than two hundred publications, Hut was honored in 2004 when a main-belt asteroid was named “17031 Piethut” by the International Astronomical Unions Committee on Small Body Nomenclature.

Dates at IAS
  • Program in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Natural Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
University of Amsterdam Ph.D., 1981
Utrecht University M.Sc., 1977
Appointments: B612 Foundation, Member of the Board 2002–; Kira Institute, President 1997–
Awards: Petaflops Point Design Studies Award 1996; Sloan Fellowship 1994–96, 1985–87
Memberships: Lindisfarne Association; Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
University of California, Berkeley 1984–1985 Assistant Professor
Astronomical Institute, University of Amsterdam 1978–1981 Research Assistant