Peter Sarnak

Peter Sarnak
School of Mathematics

Peter Sarnak has made major contributions to number theory and to questions in analysis motivated by number theory. His interest in mathematics is wide-ranging, and his research focuses on the theory of zeta functions and automorphic forms with applications to number theory, combinatorics, and mathematical physics.

Stanford University, Ph.D. 1980; Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, Assistant Professor 1980–83, Associate Professor 1983, Professor 2001–05; Stanford University, Professor 1987­–91; Princeton University, Professor 1991–95, Henry Burchard Fine Professor 1995–96, Chair of the Department of Mathematics 1996–99, Professor 1996–2002, Eugene Higgins Professor of Mathematics 2002–; Institute for Advanced Study, Member 1999–2000, 2002, 2005–07, Professor 2007–; Academia Europea, Foreign Member; American Philosophical Society, Member; National Academy of Sciences, Member; Royal Society of London, Fellow; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Honorary Doctorate 2010; Shandong University, Honorary Doctorate 2014; Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, George Pólya Prize 1998; Ostrowski Prize 2001; American Mathematical Society, Levi L. Conant Prize 2003, Frank Nelson Cole Prize 2005; Mathematical Association of America, Lester Ford Prize 2012; Wolf Prize in Mathematics 2014

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