Eric S. Maskin

Eric S. Maskin
through December 31, 2011
Albert O. Hirschman Professor
School of Social Science

Eric Maskin is probably best known for his work on the theory of mechanism design, for which he shared the 2007 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. He has made contributions to many other areas of economics as well, including game theory, the study of intellectual property rights, and political economy.

Harvard University, Ph.D. 1976; Jesus College, University of Cambridge, Research Fellow 1976–77; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Faculty 1977–84; Harvard University, Professor 1985–2000; Institute for Advanced Study, Albert O. Hirschman Professor 2000–11; Guggenheim Fellowship 1980–81; Sloan Fellowship 1983–85; American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow; British Academy, Corresponding Fellow; Econometric Society, Fellow (President 2003); European Economic Association, Fellow; Game Theory Society, President 2010–;  Jesus and St. John’s Colleges, University of Cambridge, Honorary Fellow; National Academy of Sciences, Member; Royal Academy of Economics and Finance (Spain), Fellow; Economics Letters, Editor 1992–; Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2007; Eric Kempe Award 2007; Harvard University, Centennial Medal 2010


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