Scott Tremaine Awarded 2020 AAS Russell Lectureship

Scott Tremaine, Richard Black Professor in the School of Natural Sciences, has been awarded the 2020 Henry Norris Russell Lectureship from the American Astronomical Society.

Selected annually, the Russell Lecturer is chosen on the basis of a lifetime of eminence in astronomical research. Tremaine is cited “for his lifelong contributions to our understanding of the dynamics of natural cosmic systems on scales ranging from comets to clusters of galaxies, and for his mentoring of junior colleagues and leadership of major astronomical research institutions.”

The award includes an invitation to deliver a lecture in a broad astronomical field, as well as publication of the lecture in a Society journal. Information about Tremaine's lecture and publication will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

The Russell Lectureship has been awarded previously to former IAS Faculty Bengt G.D. Strömgren, in 1965, and John Norris Bahcall, in 1999.

Read more at the American Astronomical Society.


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