Alondra Nelson Joins National Academy of Medicine Committee on Emerging Science, Technology, and Innovation

Alondra Nelson, Harold F. Linder Professor in the School of Social Science, has been selected to serve on the National Academy of Medicine’s newly established Committee on Emerging Science, Technology, and Innovation in health and medicine.

The committee will assess the landscape of emerging scientific advances and technologies in health and medicine and address the potential societal, ethical, legal, and workforce implications of such technologies, with the goal of developing a multi-sectoral governance framework.

Read more at the National Academy of Medicine.

In October 2019, Alondra Nelson participated in a forum as part of the National Academy of Medicine's annual meeting.

The forum, moderated by Academy President Victor J. Dzau, explored “the societal implications of emerging science and technology in health and medicine and the need for a future multisectoral, collective governance framework to guide the development and adoption of new technologies.”

Watch the full forum now.


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