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Portrait of Barack Obama
via Columbia University

Alondra Nelson Selected to Serve on Obama Presidency Oral History Advisory Board

Alondra Nelson, Harold F. Linder Professor in the School of Social Science, has been selected to serve on the Obama Presidency Oral History Advisory Board, composed of leading presidential historians, including Robert Dallek and Douglas Brinkley; acclaimed journalists such as Michele Norris and Jelani Cobb; and top scholars in history, political science, sociology, and public health, who can elucidate how the presidency of Barack Obama affected the lives of those inside and outside of Washington. 

The project, which commenced July 1, 2019, is a collaboration between the Obama Foundation and the Columbia Center for Oral History Research. During the next five years, the Obama Presidency Oral History Project will conduct interviews with about four hundred people to produce a comprehensive record of the decisions, actions, and effects of the Obama presidency.

Danielle S. Allen, former Professor in the School of Social Science, also serves on the project's advisory board, along with former Members David A. Hollinger (1999, 1977–78) and Theda Skocpol (1980–81).

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July 25, 2019
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