Juan Maldacena Receives 2018 Einstein Medal from the Albert Einstein Society

Juan Maldacena, Carl P. Feinberg Professor in the School of Natural Sciences, is the recipient of the 2018 Albert Einstein Medal, awarded annually by the Albert Einstein Society in Bern to honor individuals for outstanding scientific findings related to Einstein.

Maldacena is recognized for his leadership in furthering understanding of the connection between black holes, as predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and quantum field theories. During the May 15th ceremony, he delivered the lecture “Quantum Mechanics and the Geometry of Spacetime,” highlighting his research on pairs of black holes that share a single interior and the relation of wormholes to the quantum-mechanical property of entanglement.

The Einstein Medal was first awarded to British astrophysicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking in 1979. IAS scholars including Stanley Deser, Saul Perlmutter, Beno Eckmann, Gabriele Veneziano, Murray Gell-Mann, Friedrich Ernst Peter Hirzebruch, Thibault Damour, Chen Ning Yang, Peter Bergmann, Roger Penrose, Markus Fierz, John Archibald Wheeler, and Edward Witten have also received this honor.

Read more about the award from the Albert Einstein Society.


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