The Secret Sharers: Michael Walzer on Leaking and Whistle-Blowing in the Trump Era

This spring, Michael Walzer, Professor Emeritus in the School of Social Science, wrote for Foreign Affairs an article on "Just and Unjust Leaks"—a discussion of the contexts in which the leaking of confidential information is morally justified.

For the November/December 2018 issue, political scientists Peter Feaver and Allison Stanger have offered critiques of the article, followed with a reply from Walzer to the criticisms of each.

In Walzer's words, "These two responses to my article present an interesting contrast. Peter Feaver thinks that I am too ready to defend whistle-blowing; Allison Stanger thinks that I am not ready enough—indeed, she argues that we should all be encouraging whistle-blowing in these dark times. Criticized from both sides, I could just enjoy the comforts of the middle position. But I am not exactly in the middle; it’s more as if I am moving from side to side."

Read the full critiques, and the rest of Walzer's response, at Foreign Affairs.