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A small group sits on the lawn in discussion
Andrea Kane
Visitors in the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, led by Professor Piet Hut (foreground, left), explore diverse areas of scholarship.

The Program in Interdisciplinary Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study

"The nature of [the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies]—attracting Members from all Schools within the IAS and beyond—can allure even the purest of researchers, like pure mathematicians whose work may seem distant from other fields, to engage in conversations which often lead to intriguing new interdisciplinary questions."

Read the Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society's profile on the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies (PIDS) at IAS, written by two of the program's regular Visitors, Michael Th. Rassias and Olaf Witkowski.

The authors explore the program's history and its current initiatives, showing why PIDS "deserves to be considered seriously as a model for future universities and research centers."

Read more at Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society (page 40). 

November 04, 2019