IAS Scholars Named Fellows of the American Mathematical Society

Twenty scholars affiliated with the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study have been named Fellows of the American Mathematical Society for 2017, the fifth year of the program:

Mei Chu Chang (Member, 1995–96), Sagun Chanillo (Member, 1984–85, 1995, 2008), Mihai Ciucu (Member, 1997–98), Nancy Hingston (Member, 2011–13, 2015–06, 1998–99, 1985-86), Dmitry Kleinbock (Member, 1996–97), Toshiyuki Kobayashi (Member, 1991–92), Alex Kontorovich (Member, 2009–10, 2013–14, Spring 2016), Daniel Krashen (Member 2004–05, Visitor Fall 2006), Michael Krivelevich (Member, 1997–98), Joseph M. Landsberg (Member, 1992–93), Congming Li (Member, 1991–92), Ciprian Manolescu (Veblen Research Instructor, 2004–05), Allen Moy (Member, 1994–95), Tony Pantev, (Visitor, Spring 2007), Julia Pevtsova (Member, 2002–03) , Richard Evan Schwartz (Member, 2003–04), Nimish Shah (Member, 1996–97), Dinesh S. Thakur (Member 1987–89, Visitor 1994, Member 2001–01, Spring 2008), Tatiana Toro (Member, 1992–93), and Alexhandru Zaharescu (Member, 1999–2000) are among those newly named.

The Fellows program was created to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to creating, explaining, advancing, and using mathematics.


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