Sarah Peluse Awarded 2022 Dénes König Prize

Current Veblen Research Instructor Sarah Peluse has been awarded the 2022 Dénes König Prize for the paper "Bounds For Sets With No Polynomial Progressions." The honor is presented to an early-career scholar for outstanding research in discrete mathematics

At the Institute, Peluse’s work has centered around arithmetic combinatorics and analytic number theory. Peluse is particularly interested in higher-order Fourier analysis and additive number theory. Recently, she earned the 2022 Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize.

The Dénes König Prize, named for Hungarian mathematician Dénes König (1884–1944), a pioneer in the field of discrete mathematics, recognizes exceptional research as evidenced by work in a peer-reviewed journal. The award is presented by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics.

Peluse is to receive the prize at the 2022 SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University, where she will present a lecture, “Quantitative Bounds in the Polynomial Szemerédi Theorem and Related Results," on June 14.