Bart Ripperda Named 2022 NASA Hubble Fellow

Bart Ripperda, incoming Member in the School of Natural Sciences, has been named an Einstein Fellow of the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP). His proposed project is titled Multiwavelength Flares in the High-Energy Universe.

Ripperda’s research lies in theoretical and computational astrophysics and fundamental plasma physics. In 2020, he was a part of the Event Horizon Telescope team that won the Einstein Medal and the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. Having received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from KU Leuven University, Ripperda will join the Institute after a joint fellowship at Princeton University and the Flatiron Institute.

The NHFP enables postdoctoral scientists to pursue theory, observations, simulations, experimentation, or instrument development related to astrophysics. The fellowship provides up to three years of support at a chosen university or research center and is one of the most prestigious honors for postdoctoral researchers in astrophysics. In particular, Einstein Fellows are selected to pursue the question, “How does the universe work?” 

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