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School of Social Science Releases Four Occasional Papers in Ongoing Series

The School of Social Science has released the following four Occasional Papers:

The Economy of the Mysteries: Administering Sacramental Wealth in the Age of Lights by Charly Coleman, Member in the School of Social Science, and Assistant Professor of History at Columbia University.

The European Common Market: “A New Frontier” for U.S. Business Leaders or an “Economic Frankenstein”? by Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl, Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., and Annette L. Nazareth Member in the School of Social Science, and Associate Professor of International History at the University of Lausanne.

Together, Apart: Suspect Lives in West Bank Refugee Camps and Israeli “Mixed” Cities by Silvia Pasquetti, Member in the School of Social Science, and Assistant Professor of Sociology at Newcastle University.

Make Yourselves Gods: Sex, Secularism, and the Radiant Body of Early Mormonism by Peter Coviello, Member in the School of Social Science, and Professor of English at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

A project of the School of Social Science, the Occasional Papers are versions of talks given at the School’s weekly seminar where Members present works-in-progress and take questions during lively conversation and debate. The School releases papers that are of interest to a broad audience, with the aim of capturing the cross-disciplinary conversations that are the mark of the School’s programs. While Members in the School are drawn from specific disciplines of the social sciences—anthropology, economics, sociology and political science—as well as history, philosophy, literature and law, the School encourages new approaches that arise from exposure to different forms of interpretation. The papers in this series differ widely in their topics, methods, and disciplines, yet they concur in a broadly humanistic attempt to understand how, and under what conditions, the concepts that order experience in different cultures and societies are produced, and how they change.

Learn more about Occasional Papers here.


June 18, 2018
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Lee Sandberg