Occasional Papers

The Occasional Papers of the School of Social Science are drawn from the weekly seminar, where Members present work-in-progress and then take questions. Our aim is to capture the cross-disciplinary conversations that are the mark of the School's programs. While the papers differ widely in their topics, methods, and disciplines, they concur in a broadly humanistic attempt to understand how, and under what conditions, the concepts that order experience in different cultures and societies are produced, and how they change.

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October 2022, Paper Number 68
Rethinking Politics and Freedom in the Anthropocene
Wendy Brown

April 2022, Paper Number 67
Eugenics and the Indeterminacy of Genetic Determinism
Emily Merchant

November 2020, Paper Number 66
Master Peace: Techno-Moral Cosmopolitanisms and the Crisis of Critique 
Nikolas Kosmatopoulos

September 2019, Paper Number 65
Invoking Healing, or How to Think Therapeutically
Ed Cohen

November 2018, Paper Number 64
Environment: Critical Reflections on the Concept
David Bond

April 2018, Paper Number 63
The Economy of the Mysteries: Administering Sacramental Wealth in the Age of Lights
Charly Coleman

March 2018, Paper Number 62
The European Common Market: “A New Frontier” for U.S. Business Leaders or an “Economic Frankenstein”?
Janick Marina Schaufelbuehl

February 2018, Paper Number 61
Together, Apart: Suspect Lives in West Bank Refugee Camps and Israeli “Mixed” Cities
Silvia Pasquetti

January 2018, Paper Number 60
Make Yourselves Gods: Sex, Secularism, and the Radiant Body of Early Mormonism
Peter Coviello

April 2017, Paper Number 59
Theorizing about Torture
Nick Cheesman

March 2017, Paper Number 58
Precarious Hope, Migrant Legalization, and the Limits of Affect Theory
Ayşe Parla

May 2016, Paper Number 57
Forms of Attachment and Politics of Voice: Migrant Experiences and Institution Interactions in Northern Chile
Angel Aedo
This title is available only through the author, who can be contacted at jaedog@ias.edu.

March 2016, Paper Number 56
Our Corporate Civilization and its Neoliberal Crisis
David Ciepley

January 2016, Paper Number 55
Life Lived in Relief: Palestinian Refugees and the Humanitarian Experience
Ilana Feldman

June 2015, Paper Number 54
Great Expectations: The Ambiguity of Social Whitening in Colombia
Mara Viveros Vigoya

July 2014, Paper Number 53
Consuming Citizenship: Prepaid Meters and the Politics of Technology in Mumbai
Nikhil Anand

May 2014, Paper Number 52
Thinking Like an Economist: On Expertise and the U.S. Policy Process
Elizabeth Popp Berman

February 2014, Paper Number 51
Situating the Amazon in World Politics
Manuela Picq

April 2013, Paper Number 50
A Bias for Hope. Commemorating the Life of Albert O. Hirschman

March 2013, Paper Number 49
The Moral World of Law Enforcement
Didier Fassin

February 2013, Paper Number 48
Towards an Anthropology of Actually Existing Alterity in the Gran Chaco
Lucas Bessire
This title is available only through the author, who can be contacted at lucas.b.bessire@itg.ias.edu.

December 2012, Paper Number 47
The Injury of Nostalgia, or The Stories a Gang Tells Itself
Laurence Ralph

June 2012, Paper Number 46
Gandhi and the Means-Ends Question in Politics
Karuna Mantena

April 2012, Paper Number 45
Sex, Trafficking, and the Politics of Freedom
Elizabeth Bernstein

March 2012, Paper Number 44
Who Are We? What Louisiana Can Teach Us About Being American
Angel Adams Parham

December 2011, Paper Number 43
Power, Sex, and Furniture: Masculinity and the Bachelor Pad in 1950s-60s America
Jessica Ellen Sewell

May 2011, Paper Number 42
From Rasse to Race: On the Problem of Difference in the Federal Republic of Germany
Rita Chin

December 2010, Paper Number 41
Religion, Land, and Rights
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan

October 2010, Paper Number 40
A Tale of Two Planets? Policy-Making and Actual Classrooms: The Case of Teaching to Think in Civics Education
Anat Zohar

September 2010, Paper Number 39
Monogamy in Islam: The Case of a Tunisian Marriage Contract
Dalenda Largueche

April 2010, Paper Number 38
"A Nation of Immigrants": The Cold War and Civil Rights Origins of Illegal Immigration
Mae M. Ngai

September 2009, Paper Number 37
Divided Fates: The State, Race, and Adaptation of Korean Immigrants in Japan and the United States
Kazuko Suzuki

May 2009, Paper Number 36
Florida Seminoles and the Cultural Politics of the Everglades
Jessica R. Cattelino

February 2009, Paper Number 35
The Anthropology of Anarchy
Charles J-H Macdonald

October 2008, Paper Number 34
Madness is Civilization: Psycho Politics and Postwar America
Michael E. Staub

April 2008, Paper Number 33
Gandhi, Mandela, and the African Modern
Jonathan Hyslop

March 2008, Paper Number 32--This article was awarded the 2010 Cultural Horizons Prize by the Society for Cultural Anthropology.
Potato Ontology: Surviving Postsocialism in Russia
Nancy Ries
This title is available only in hard copy upon request.

February 2008, Paper Number 31
What is International Human Rights Law? Three Applications of a Distributive Account
Patrick Macklem

October 2007, Paper Number 30
"Red" and "Good"
Hagit Benbaji

April 2007, Paper Number 29
The Shariatization of Pakistani Nationalism
Farzana Shaikh
This title is available only in hard copy upon request

January 2007, Paper Number 28
Men, Mines and Mosques: Gender and Islamic Revivalism on the Edge of Europe
Kristen Ghodsee
This title is available only in hard copy upon request.

November 2006, Paper Number 27
Democracy's Identity Problem: Is "Constitutional Patriotism" the Answer?
Clarissa Rile Hayward

October 2006, Paper Number 26
Placebo Effects of Marketing Actions: Consumers May Get What They Pay For
Baba Shiv, Ziv Carmon and Dan Ariely

April 2006, Paper Number 25
Rivalry and Friendship in the Heterosexual Couple. Challenges to Discourses of Society in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Europe
Caroline Arni

March 2006, Paper Number 24
Social Scientific Citizens: Surveys, Statistics, and the Public in Modern America
Sarah E. Igo

January 2006, Paper Number 23
Nature, Property, and Democracy in the Debate over Genetically Modified Organisms
John M. Meyer

October 2005, Paper Number 22
Drug Development and the Ethics of the Globalized Clinical Trial
Adriana Petryna

April 2005, Paper Number 21
Clean Elections and the Great Unwashed: Vote Buying and Voter Education in the Philippines
Frederic Charles Schaffer

February 2005, Paper Number 20
Continuity and Change in the Study of Medical Error: The Culture of Safety on the Shop Floor
Charles L. Bosk

December 2004, Paper Number 19
A Tool to Recover Past Histories": Genealogy and Identity after the Genome
Nadia Abu El-Haj

September 2004, Paper Number 18
Certifying Knowledge: Sociology of a Logical Theorem in the Field of Artificial Intelligence
Claude Rosental

April 2004, Paper Number 17
The Political Economy of the Brazilian Struggle Against AIDS
Jose Serra

November 2003, Paper Number 16
Working the Border in Ghana: Technologies of Sovereignty and its Others
Brenda Chalfin

June 2003, Paper Number 15
The Incumbent Protection Act of 2002?: Politics Under the New Campaign Finance Law
Michael Johnston

February 2003, Paper Number 14
Information Technologies and the Social Sciences: Papers from the SSS Workshop
Thomas Streeter and Michael Fortun

September 2002, Paper Number 13
The Tools of the Master: Slavery and Empire in Nineteenth Century Egypt
Eve Troutt Powell

December 2001, Paper Number 12
The Near East in the Far East: On Islam in Indonesia
Clifford Geertz

September 2001, Paper Number 11
Is Majority Rule The Best Election Method?
Eric Maskin

May 2001, Paper Number 10
AIDS, Witchcraft, and the Problem of Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Adam Ashforth

January 2001, Paper Number 9
The Judicial Rhetoric of Morality: Israel’s High Court of Justice on the Legality of Torture
Anat Biletzki

June 2000, Paper Number 8
International Society: What is the Best That We Can Do?
Michael Walzer

March 2000, Paper Number 7
Exile and Emigration: The Survival of "German Culture"
Wolf Lepenies

January 2000, Paper Number 6
Diversity in Globalization: Organizational Change in Argentina, South Korea and Spain
Mauro F. Guillén

November 1999, Paper Number 5
"Anger Be Now Thy Song": The Anthropology of an Event
Steven C. Caton

May 1999, Paper Number 4
Métissage: The Emerging of Theater and Politics in Revolutionary France
Paul Friedland

April 1999, Paper Number 3
Nations, Tribes, and Colours: Metaphors Toward a History for the 21st Century*
James F. Brooks
*Note: At the request of the author, this paper is not available electronically. If you would like to obtain a copy, please contact the Series Editor.

March 1999, Paper Number 2
The Conundrum of Equality
Joan W. Scott

February 1999, Paper Number 1
Welfare State and Production Regimes in the Era of Retrenchment
Evelyne Huber and John D. Stephens


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