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Annemieke van der Togt

Dijkgraaf Talks Science at DWDD University Lectures and the 2018 Gala of Science

During a recent trip to the Netherlands, Institute Director and Leon Levy Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf guided audiences through a series of three lectures about the future of life, technology, and information. Fusing knowledge and charisma with vivid demonstrations, Dijkgraaf brings even the most complex concepts—from black holes to genetics—down to earth.

His lectures will air in the Netherlands on January 2, 9, and 16, 2019, as part of the hit television series DWDD University, which features expert commentary on some of the most striking and perplexing ideas in science.

Filmed before a live studio audience, Dijkgraaf’s DWDD University lectures have garnered an average viewership of more than one million people each. He has been a starring speaker of the series since 2012, producing ten lectures to date including the show’s pilot episode. Previous topics include the Big Bang, the smallest particles, Albert Einstein, infinity, black holes, light, and symmetry.

Continuing his recent tour of the country, Dijkgraaf was also a keynote speaker at the Gala of Science 2018, presented by New Scientist. The event centered around the theme of “Knowing what we do not yet know,” and featured an illustrious cast of top scientists discussing knowns and unknowns of the universe, questions to be answered in the coming years, and what the search for new knowledge means to daily life.

Dijkgraaf discussed some of the most current concepts in physics and astronomy alongside IAS Trustee Ewine van Dishoeck, Professor of Molecular Astrophysics at Leiden University and President of the International Astronomical Union.

Additionally, Gusta Tavecchio, a pedagogy Ph.D. student at VU University in Amsterdam, was announced as the winner of the 7th annual Robbert Dijkgraaf Essay Prize. Submissions were based on this year's Gala theme.

For more information, visit DWDD University and Gala of Science 2018.


December 04, 2018
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Lee Sandberg