Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

Institute for Advanced Study

The Program in Interdisciplinary Studies provides a meeting place for members from the Institute for Advanced Study to engage in conversations and research that addresses the wider questions that rarely get asked within individual disciplines.

What is the nature of knowledge in different academic areas, in the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences, and mathematics? How may these fields stimulate each other? And how do such types of knowledge compare with those found in the arts, in the business world, in ancient traditions, and in daily life?

We offer After Hours Conversations as a concrete meeting point, twice a week during two months every term, in which a speaker gives a ten-minute talk about a topic of general interest, followed by twenty minutes of discussion. In addition, we organize informal lunch meetings on the topic of cognition and awareness, a central topic of interest in our group. We also hold many spontaneous lunch meetings around the theme of metacognition; contact Piet Hut for further information.

This article gives an overview of the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies from the viewpoint of PIDS Visitors Michael Rassias and Olaf Witkowski. It appeared in the Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society, Issue 112, June 2019, pp. 40-42.