Covid-19: Procedures

The Institute for Advanced Study requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination for on-campus access

The Institute requires trustees, faculty, staff, members, and all visitors to provide proof of having completed a COVID-19 vaccination before gaining on-campus access to offices, libraries, seminars, meetings, meals and other resources.

The required proof will show that individuals have completed an U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccination, including those authorized for emergency use, in order for on-campus access.  In addition, on or before March 7, 2022, all individuals must provide proof of having received a booster for the COVID-19 vaccine. Click here to access the form.

Trustees, adult visitors, collaborators, conference attendees, and on-campus seminar attendees will need to provide proof of having completed a COVID-19 vaccination and a booster on or before March 7, 2022, in order to enter the IAS campus.  Individuals who do not provide proof can inquire as to hybrid/virtual participation in future activities.  For information on how to provide proof, please contact the individual you are visiting on campus or the event organizer.

If an individual does not meet the March 7, 2022 deadline due to previously testing positive for COVID-19 and has been advised by a health care provider not to receive the vaccine, please consult the COVID-19 Response Team.  If an individual does not meet the 6 month timeframe from the last dose by March 7, 2022, please contact the COVID-19 Response Team.

Individuals are eligible to request an accommodation based on a medical exemption or profession of sincerely-held religious beliefs.  Information on the Accommodation Policy for On-Campus Access and related forms can be found here.

To report illness or exposure related to Covid-19 please use this link to notify the Covid-19 response team and wait until you hear from them before coming to campus: COVID-19 Reporting Form | Forms (

For more in-depth information about working at IAS and the services available during the  reopening, please consult the IAS Return-to-Campus guides. 

If you have a special circumstance, please reach out to the Covid-19 Response Team at