Welcome to Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources serves the Institute for Advanced Study community and provides support services and resources to our Faculty, Staff, Member and Visitors. We promote an environment where work is meaningful, employees are valued, and where diversity and teamwork are embraced.

We encourage you to contact us for information about policies and procedures, benefits, or any general information that will enhance your experience at the Institute.

Our offices are located on the second floor in the A building.

About Human Resources

Human Resources e-mail: hr@ias.edu

Jennifer Richardson
Chief Human Resources Officer/Title IX Coordinator

Jennifer Hansen
Immigration Specialist, Human Resources

Cindy Pearce
Administrative Assistant, Human Resources

Yuchao Wang
HR Benefits Administrator, Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for creating an adaptable and service focused HR infrastructure through the implementation of best practices, policies, and programs that contribute to the Institute's mission.  As a strategic business partner, Human Resources fosters a work and academic setting that thrives on diversity, individual and organizational high productivity and performance, continuous improvement, and in order to promote a rewarding experience for the entire Institute community

The Human Resources Department is located on the second floor of the A building , and can also be reached at hr@ias.edu.  Our hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.


Job postings can be found on our Careers page.

To apply for an open positions please apply through the SyncHR portal.

To sign up for alerts when new positions are posted, click on any open position, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address to get updates.  


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