A Northern Telecom Meridian SL1 telephone switch provides telephone service to the Institute academic buildings and housing locations. In most academic offices, a digital telephone offers many feature buttons and a display. In apartment locations and a few academic building locations, an analog instrument is used. Voice mail is offered throughout the system. FAX and modem service is optionally available on a separate line at most campus locations. Service requests for the system are handled by a technician, generally by the end of the next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions provides answers to common questions. If you feel your question belongs in this list, please send e-mail to for consideration.

Making Calls tells you how to make campus, local, long distance and international calls. Use of pre-paid and credit cards is also described.

The Voice Mail system is integrated with the telephone switch. This section provides step by step instructions on how to read your own voice mail and how to leave voice mail for someone else. Find out how to access your voice mail from off-campus or leave an express mail message for someone.

Our system has been very reliable. But once in a while you will need the information in Making a Service Request to report a problem or request some change. This section tells you how.

Telephone Charges explains both the office and residential bills. The current rates for services and rates for long distance and international calling are also provided.

If you did not find and answer anywhere else, try Other IAS Telephone Information. For example, here you will find out how to get a printed telephone directory. If you still don't find an answer, please send your question to! We want to keep these pages as current as possible. As pages are reviewed, we will try to incorporate your questions and comments.

Emergencies presents the emergency telephone numbers also found on the first page of every Institute directory.