Emergency And Service Telephone Numbers

Please note: There are three campus and housing exchanges: 734, 951 and 279. If the telephone you are calling is on campus and begins with one of these three exchanges, you may reach your party by dialing the last four digits of the phone number only. If you are calling any other exchange, you must dial a "9" before the number. For example a number at Princeton University would have to be 9-258-3000.

For medical, fire or police emergencies, dial 911 or 9-911.
Non-emergency calls may be directed to the Princeton Township Police at 921-2100.
Making a Service Request provides instructions for making telephone service requests.

Housing Maintenance Office734-8230
Medical Center at Princeton497-4000
Police (Township)921-2100
IAS Public Safety (24/7)947-5940
Telephone Helpline734-8009
Emergency Weather Closing734-8001

Fuld Hall General Fax: (609) 924-8399
IAS Main Telephone Number: (609) 734-8000