Miscellaneous Information

This page contains Institute telephone system information that did not seem to fall under any other major area.

Other Telephone Equipment

You can use fax machines, modems or your own analog telephone equipment on analog lines connected to the Institute telephone system. Using other equipment tells you how.

Online Directory

The online directory is maintained in a database with restricted access for changes. If you are Faculty or Staff, your entry is maintained by Human Resources. If you are a Member, your information is maintained by your School's Administrative Officer or by Member Services.

Institute Telephone Directories

These directories are produced from the information in the online database. Printed copies are available from Human Resources. The Institute directories are intended for campus use only. Please respect the privacy of your colleagues and do not distribute the directory outside the Institute.

Verizon Telephone Books

Verizon telephone books are distributed annually, generally in February just after they are produced. At that time, copies are sent to campus departments and all apartments. If your copy is missing, you may obtain another by contacting .

Section 255 of the Communications Act - Persons with Disabilities

Telephone service providers, including colleges and universities that make telephone services available for students and others, are required to designate a point of contact for complaints filed by consumers with the Federal Communications Commission. The requirement is included in Section 255 of the Communications Act which mandates that telephone service providers ensure that such services are accessible to persons with disabilities. The Institute's designee is:

Jennifer Richardson
Chief Human Resources Officer
Institute for Advanced Study
1 Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ08540

Telephone: (609) 734-8245
Fax: (609) 951-4468
E-mail: hr@ias.edu