AstroGPU 2007 - Workshop on General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Units in Astronomy and Astrophysics

dispersion graphGraphics processing units (GPUs) are rapidly emerging as a powerful and cost-effective platform for high-performance parallel computing. The current generation of GPUs sports capabilities in TFLOP range, already an order of magnitude greater than most powerful x86 CPUs.

Such an increase in computational power opens opportunities to explore previously inaccessible problems in astronomy and astrophysics. However, it also brings the challenges of adapting existing algorithms and codes (and devising new ones) to run efficiently on intrinsically massively parallel SIMD/SPMD GPU architectures.

The goal of this workshop is to explore and discuss the applicability of GPUs to astrophysical problems. It will bring together astrophysicists, colleagues from other areas of science where GPGPU techniques have been successfully applied, and representatives from the industry who will demonstrate in tutorial sessions the GPU hardware, programming tools, and GPGPU techniques.



Institute for Advanced Study