Preventing Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Violence

Preventing Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Violence: Title IX, VAWA and Clery Act for The Institute for Advanced Study

One of the IAS’s highest priorities is the safety and welfare of all members of our Institute community. We all want to foster a working environment in which people are treated with dignity, decency and respect. Reflecting this concern, we are sharing with you our current Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Harassment Policies, as well as the recently adopted Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy. Please familiarize yourself with these policies, as all members of the Institute community must understand their role in helping to create an atmosphere where everybody feels welcome, valued, and able to work in an environment free from discrimination.

In further support of these policies, the Institute has appointed Jennifer Richardson, Chief Human Resources Officer, as its Title IX Coordinator. The Coordinator receives ongoing training in Title IX requirements, is a neutral party, and is committed to protecting all members of our community from gender-based and sexual discrimination. If you have any concerns about something that has happened to you, or an incident that you have observed, please contact Jennifer at (x8245).

For the most up-to-date policies, procedures and resources, please visit our website at







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