Who We Are

Current Friends

Helen and Sandy Ackley
Ashley and George Aitken-Davies
Georg Albers-Schonberg
Clara Richardson and Steve Anderson
Jeffrey Apter
Jennifer Wolffert and Bijan Ardehali
Robert Aresty
Lorraine and David Atkin
Alan and Wendy Baron
Jill Barry
Leigh and John Bartlett
Eric Batterman and Catherine Batterman
Elizabeth Baughan
Mark Baumgartner
Susan and Bob Beckman
David Beers and Elizabeth Bryson Beers
Marsha and John Beidler
Paul Benacerraf
Vicky and Dick Bergman
Laura and Len Berlik
Toni Besselaar
Sheema and Mihir Bhattacharya
Helena and Peter Bienstock
Kathleen and Jay Biggins
Elisabeth Bish
Shari and Donald Black
Shefali Shah and Christopher Boerner
Bruce Boman
Marcia Bossart
Nat Bottingheimer and Eve Ostriker
Susan and Stephen Boughn
David Boyco and Linda Meyerson
Sally and Mark Branon
Meg Brinster Michael
Harold Broitman
Peter and Carla Brooks
Ger and Mary Brophy
Ann Lee Brown
Jenny Bryson
Didi Burke
Pernilla and James Burke
Stephen and Denise Call
Rupali Chakravarti and Pradip Chakravarti
Alice and Horace Chandler
Linda and Paul Chew
Daniela Bonafede-Chhabra and Ashvin Chhabra
Marty Chooljian
Natasha and Neil Chriss
Cindy and Charlie Clark
Melanie and John Clarke
Scott Clemons
Donna and Mort Collins
Stanley and Regine Corngold
Vicky and Brad Corrodi
Robert and Heidi Craik
Clay Creasey
Judy Brodsky and Michael Curtis
Marie and Vincent D'Albero
Craig Daum
Elly and Jan de Boer
Rysia de Ravel
Elena Alexeeva and Pierre Deligne
Jane Dennison
Liza and Pepper deTuro
Jessica and Ted Deutsch
Greg Dillon and Samantha Skey
Elizabeth Hock and Peter Dougherty
Marlene and Aiden Doyle
Carrie and Kinsey Dyckman
Audrey and David Egger
Jeff Eikelberner and Lisa Walker
Edric Engert
Janet and Arthur Eschenlauer
Gerald and Barbara Essig
Erin Enright and Stuart Essig
Ruth S. Fath
Toby and Carl Feinberg
Luisa and Robert Fernholz
Jasmine Ferrer and Jason Matthews
Juan and Lourdes Ferrer
Emily and Johan Firmenich
Brian Fix
Jane and Martin Fransson
Gideon and Pia Fruchter
Karen and Ira Fuchs
Sherri and Vic Garber
Gina Genovese and Wendy McCahill
Elizabeth and Aristides Georgantas
Ann and Lee Gladden
Curtis and Sophie Glovier
Chad Goerner
Colleen Goggins
Selma and Fred Goldstein
Robin Gosnell
Pat and Milt Grannatt
Rachel Gray Studebaker and Joel Studebaker
Hinda Greenberg and Bruce Campbell
Tina and Bill Greenberg
Debora and John R. Haines
Joan and Jack Hall
Jorgen and Susan Hansen
Scott and Kelly Harrison
Archer and Tom Harvey
Daphne Hawkes
Carolyn and John Healey
Lucille Heller
Christie and Fred Henry
Carol and James Herring
Kathy and Jamie Herring
Kristina and David Hill
Cynthia and Rob Hillas
Nancy Hingston and Jovi Tenev
Jon Holman
Lisa and Gregory Hopper
Doug and Barbara Horne
Anna and Jonathan Horner
John Ikenberry and Lidia Usami
Rosanna Jaffin
Jane McCallister James
Betty Johnson
Joyce and Seward Johnson
Lynn and Bob Johnston
Catherine Haines and Alexander Jones
Christopher Jones
Sarah and Lanny Jones
Douglas and Anne Kabay
Florence and Steven Kahn
Allen Kassof
Elizabeth Pilliod and Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
Helen and Howard Keller
Shirley and Steve Kern
Nora and Jack Kerr
John Kim and Ashley Lyu
Lorraine and Joseph Koffman
Gail Kohn
Kurt and Ann Kovalick
Laney and Russell Kulsrud
Casey and Sam Lambert
Jonah and Amy Lansky
Yuki and Jeffrey Laurenti
Liz Lempert
Harry and Ellen Levine
Neil Ann and Richard Levine
Geoffrey Levitt and Karen Collias
Jingyi Li
Mia Tai and Yuxin Li
Zhong Yuan Li and Cindy Ni
Diana and Derek Lidow
Denis and Howard Lieberman
Francesca and Michael Liechenstein
Donald and Nancy Light
Julian Grant and Peter Rupert Lighte
Carol Anderson and Stephen Lin
Gigi Hsu and Hung Ling
Jeffrey Lipkowitz and Jodi Brodsky
Walter Lippincott
Catherine and David Loevner
Brian and Caroline Loew
David Long and Alice St. Claire-Long
Ginny and Bob Loughlin
Marlene Lucchesi
Debbie Lunder and Alan Ezekowitz
Elinor Lunder
Jane and Bob MacLennan
Tamara and Kevin MacMillan
Nancy and Duncan MacMillan
Yvonne Marcuse
Steve Mariotti
Bill and Geniva Martin
Cecilia and Michael Mathews
Joe and Tamera Matteo
Jennifer McBride
Charles McCutchen
John McGoldrick
Ann and Rob McKeehan
Bill and Pat McKinley
James and Valerie McKinney
Mark and Julie McLaughlin
Hella and Scott McVay
Annette Merle-Smith
Susan McCoy and Dick Miles
Jill and Dean Mitchell
Pamela Kogen Morandi and Michael Morandi
Liza and Sky Morehouse
Anne and Karl Morrison
Muriel and Leonard Moss
Dan and Sheila Nall
Alexander and Susan Nehamas
Sarah Jones Nelson
Erik Neumann and Mary Dougherty
Michael and Yvette Nissan
Ferris Olin
Pat Orlando
Reba Orszag
Mary and Bill O'Shaughnessy
Sean O'Sullivan and Tish Durkin
May and Costa Papastephanou
Norma and Philip Papier
Raminder and Ashutosh Pathak
Josh and Elizabeth Pepek
Elly Petronio
Jacquie and Woody Phares
Ludmilla Wightman
Deborah and Alan Poritz
Sangeeta and Anoop Prasad
Gopal and Indu Prasad
Michelle Preston and Richard Preston
Andreas Prindl and Deborah Robbins
Janine Purcaro
Arnold Rabson and Barbara Barnett
John Rassweiler
Melanie and Michael Rauch
Gillian and Scott Reeder
Anne Reeves
Ann Reichelderfer and Douglas Blair
Rich Rein and Nell Whiting
Sandra Richter
Charles Rippin
Ted and Jane Boyer
Paul and Katherine Rorem
Joanna and Dan Rose
Angelica and Neil Rudenstine
Joan and William Rue
Louis and Kathleen Russo
Bob and Randi Sacco
Ingrid and Bernard Saint-Donat
Carolyn and George Sanderson
Blaise Santianni and Ramone Romero
Mark and Judy Sarvary
James and Stacy Sarvis
Debbie Schaeffer and Steve Ritzau
Judy Scheide
Tommye Schiro
Martha and Steven Schlossstein
William and Leigh Segal
Marcia and John Shackelford
Rahul and Anjali Shah
Sybil Shainwald
Vivian and Harold Shapiro
Elizabeth and Stephen Silverman
Tracy and Scott Sipprelle
Dave Smith
Warren and Felicia Spitz
Inge and Sundaresa Srinivasan
Ellen and Albert Stark
Scott and Linda Staropoli
Weezie and Launny Steffens
Joy Stocke and Howard Gottlieb
Brian Sullivan and Miyuki Kaneko
Chris and Susan Tarr
Kathrin Poole and Howard Tomlinson
Marissa and Jesse Treu
Gail Ullman
Nancy and Jim Utaski
Mark Uys and Jacqui  Kerrod
Welmoet and Dan Van Kammen
Lynne Durkee and Erik Vanmarcke
Frederick and Elizabeth Wasch
Stephanie and Robert Wedeking
Teddi and Fong Wei
Virginia and Jonathan Weiner
Louise and John Wellemeyer
Philip Wey
Caroline and Helmut Weymar
Laura and Roscoe White
Sharon and Russ White
Joan and Ralph Widner
Rosalie and Evan Wolarsky
Robert and Elizabeth Wood
Britta Wopenka
John Rego and Roxane Yonan
Kathleen and Bob Zatta


Friends Executive Committee

Robert Hillas, Chair
Gillian Reeder, Vice Chair
Peter Lighte, Secretary
Alan Baron
Cathy Schaeder Batterman
Elizabeth Baughan
Helena Bienstock
Daniela Bonafede-Chhabra
John Clarke
Morton Collins
Ann Damsgaard
Chad Goerner
Carol Herring
Kathy Herring
Jonathan Horner            
Sarah Jones
Jonah Lansky
Ashley Lyu
Yuki Moore Laurenti
David Loevner
Kevin MacMillan
James McKinney
Pamela Kogen Morandi
Ashutosh Pathak
Anoop Prasad
George Sanderson
Mark Sarvary
Tomasina Schiro

Martin Chooljian, Honorary Member
E. Robert Fernholz, Trustee Representative
Robbert Dijkgraaf, ex-officio
Pamela Hughes, Director of Friends Programs

Sub Committees

, Chair, Friends and Stewardship Committee
, Chair, Nominating and Governance Committee
, Chair,Connection Committee
, Chair, Programming Committee
, Chair, Development and Communications Committee


Pamela R. Hughes
Director of Friends and Stewardship Programs
(609) 734-8204


Jill Titus
Development Assistant
(609) 951-4464