Who We Are

The IAS Friends group is comprised of mostly local benefactors who support the Institute through their annual donations and by connecting Members and families to the local Princeton community. In exchange, Friends are engaged in the intellectual and cultural life of IAS through specific Friends programming as well as access to Institute community events.

Yuki Moore Laurenti, Chair
Clara Richardson, Vice Chair
Jane James, Secretary

Frank Accetta
Ashley Aitken-Davies
Cathy Schaeder Batterman
Douglas Blair
Melanie Clarke
Julian Grant
Jane James
Ann Kovalick
Helene Kulsrud
Yuki Moore Laurenti
Jingyi Li
Irene Yi Liu
Ashley Lyu
Yvonne Marcuse
Scott McGoldrick
Robert McKeehan
Ashutosh Pathak
Elizabeth Pepek
Anoop Prasad
Clara Richardson
Stacy Sarvis
JP Schnapper-Casteras