Past von Neumann Fellow

Yiannis Sakellaridis

Field of Study
Automorphic Forms, Representation Theory, Number Theory
From 9/2017 – 8/2018:

Yiannis Sakellaridis is interested in automorphic forms, number theory and representation theory. At IAS, he is focusing on relative trace formulas, which are ways to encode and organize L-functions; in particular, he is investigating novel relations between them, which amount to instances of Langlands' functoriality conjecture and its "relative" variants.

Dates at IAS
von Neumann Fellow
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics
1/20117/2011 Spring
Stanford University Ph.D., 2006
National Technical University of Athens Engineering degree, 2001
Rutgers University – Newark 2014 Associate Professor
University of Chicago 2017 Visiting Associate Professor
National Technical University of Athens 2015–2017 Assistant Professor
Rutgers University – Newark 2010–2014 Assistant Professor
University of Toronto 2008–2010 Post-doctoral fellow