Past Member

Romyar Sharifi

Field of Study
Algebraic number theory
From 1/2018 – 3/2018:

Romyar Sharifi will focus on study of the arithmetic of Galois representations through the geometry and topology of higher-dimensional locally symmetric spaces. The prototypical example of this is a conjectural link between Steinberg symbols of cyclotomic units and modular symbols in the homology of modular curves modulo an Eisenstein ideal.

Dates at IAS
  • Mathematics
1/20183/2018 Spring
The University of Chicago Ph.D., 1999
The University of Chicago S.M., 1995
University of California, Berkeley B.A., 1994
Simons Fellowship in Mathematics 2014
University of Arizona 2013–2016 Professor
University of Arizona 2009–2013 Associate Professor
McMaster University 2007–2009 Associate Professor
McMaster University 2004–2007 Assistant Professor
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics 2003–2004 Guest