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Millard Meiss

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From the Dictionary of Art Historians:

In 1958, Millard Meiss left Harvard to be Professor of Art at the Institute for Advanced Study, succeeding Erwin Panofsky, his former teacher. In 1962 he published, with Leonetto Tintori, The Painting of The Life of St. Francis in Assisi, a book using technical evidence in mural painting to settle large debates of art history. He edited the Festschrift for Panofsky in 1963. … His research focus broadened in the 1960s to include manuscript illumination. His series French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry began appearing in 1967. Meiss's Great Age of Fresco: Discoveries, Recoveries and Survivals, 1970, was the result of excavation of Santa Croce after the flood, which revealed sinopia cartoons. It is not only a technical explanation of the history of fresco painting, but an account of the rescue of Italian art. ... Meiss sought to incorporate traditional connoisseurship methodology into art-historical work of a broader range which included social history and Panofsky's brand of iconography.

“Meiss, M.” Dictionary of Art Historians (2016)

Dates at IAS
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  • Historical Studies
  • Historical Studies
1/19406/1940 Spring
New York University Ph.D., 1933
ADAA Award 1974
Grand Officer 1968
Lewis Prize Am Philos Soc 1967
Haskins Medal, Medieval Academy of America 1953
Phi Beta Kappa 1926
Corr Member: Accad Senese degli Intronati
Fellow AAAS
Fellow Med Acad of Amer
Hon Member Accad Arti del Disegno, Florence
Hon Trustee Metropolitan Museum of Art
Member Am Philos Soc
Morey Award, College Art Association 1969, 1976