Past Faculty

Erwin Panofsky

School of Historical Studies
Historical Studies

The field of art history has a long tradition at the Institute for Advanced Study, beginning in 1935 with the appointment to the Faculty of the renowned German art historian Erwin Panofsky. His interests ranged across the spectrum from European Medieval and Renaissance art, to literature, to motion pictures, but he is most closely associated with the development of the field of iconology. He described himself as a humanist, which he defined as somebody who rejects authority but respects tradition.

Dates at IAS
  • Historical Studies
  • Historical Studies
University of Freiburg Ph.D., 1914
Pour le Mérite für Wissenschaften und Künste, Munich 1967
Medal for Distinguished Service to Education in Art National Gallery, Washington, DC 1966
Charles Rufus Morey Book-Award (for Tomb Sculpture) 1966
Medaglia d'Oro della Rep-publica Italiana 1963
Hon dir College Art Assoc of Amer 1963
Haskins Medal (for Renaissance and Renascences) 1962
Kungl Vitterhets Hist Antikvitets Akad, Stockholm 1962
Charles Rufus Morey Book-Award (for Renaissance and Renascences) 1960
Joachim Jungius-Medaille der Joachim Jungius Gesellschaft, Hamburg 1959
Corresponding Member, Deut Akad für Sprache und Dichtung 1957
Koninklijke Nederlandse Akad Weten-schappen 1954
Mediaeval Acad Amer 1937
Preis der Grimm-Stiftung, Friedrich-Wilhelms Univ, Berlin 1913
Honorary Degrees: 1936 University of Utrecht