Jacob Lurie

School of Mathematics
Algebraic Geometry, Topology, Homotopy Theory 

Jacob Lurie’s research has influenced a diverse range of fields from topology to number theory, providing foundational work that has changed the way mathematicians describe and work with derived phenomena. His ideas have redefined the foundations of homotopy theory and topological aspects of algebraic geometry, providing a channel through which algebraic topology influences algebraic geometry. His proof of the Baez-Dolan cobordism hypothesis changed the field drastically, providing a precise dictionary between manifold theory and operadic algebra as well as an applicable language for topological field theory.

MacArthur Fellow (2014)

Dates at IAS
  • Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D., 2004
Harvard University B.A., 2000
Member, National Academy of Sciences 2020
London Mathematical Society Hardy Fellowship 2016
Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics 2015
MacArthur Fellowship 2014
Member, Editorial Board of Compositio Mathematica 2011–14
Associate Editor, Journal of the American Mathematical Society 2009–14
AMS–MAA–SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize 2000
Thomas T. Hoopes Prize 2000
Harvard University 2009–2019 Professor of Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2007–2009 Associate Professor