Current Visitor

Karina Urbach

Historical Studies
Field of Study
Modern International Relations and Jewish Family History
Home Institution
University of London

Karina Urbach is researching intelligence sources (Counterintelligence Corps) regarding Central Europe. She is also following the trail of an Austrian refugee from the 1930s onwards.

Dates at IAS
  • Historical Studies
University of Bayreuth, Germany Habilitation, 2009
University of Cambridge Ph.D., 1996
University of Cambridge M.Phil., 1992
Board member Otto-von-Bismarck Foundation 2010
Bayerischer Habilitationsförderpreis (prize by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture) 2001
Kurt Hahn Scholar, University of Cambridge 1994
Institute of Historical Research, University of London, UK 2009 Senior Research Fellow
German Historical Institute. London, UK 2004–2009 Research Fellow
Bavarian Ministry of Culture. Germany 2001–2004 Habilitations-Prize
Universität Bayreuth, Germany 1996–2001 Assistant Professor