Panel Discussion on Anti-Semitism Provides Historical Perspective

Karina Urbach never thought she’d have to study anti-Semitism in her own time. But Urbach, a native of Germany, has become increasingly aware of the rise in violence against Jewish people and institutions during her time as a Visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) School of Historical Studies, where she has been since 2015.”

Writing for Town Topics, Anne Levin reports on the upcoming Impact of the Past panel taking place at IAS on February 5. Chaired by Karina Urbach, Visitor in the School of Historical Studies, and featuring panelists Daniel Finkelstein, Julie Gottlieb, and Deborah Lipstadt, the event examines the new surge of anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States.

“One has to see this in a global context, and make a joint effort to solve this problem together,” Urbach told Levin. “We want to educate, and perhaps reach out. All of the witnesses to the Holocaust will die soon. We’re running out of time.”

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Registration for the panel is currently full, but the event will be streamed live.