Past Faculty

John Huxtable Elliott

School of Historical Studies
History of Early Modern Spain, Europe, and the Americas
Historical Studies

From the American Philosophical Society:

…From 1952-55 he did research in the history of seventeenth-century Spain under the direction of Herbert Butterfield and was awarded a Ph. D. in 1955 for a thesis on the Catalan revolt of 1640, subsequently published in 1963 under the title of The Revolt of the Catalans. On the strength of this thesis he was also elected into a Research Fellowship at Trinity College, Cambridge and subsequently was appointed a teaching Fellow of the College and University Lecturer in History…As a historian he has concentrated primarily on Early Modern Spain, Europe and the Americas. Among his publications, in addition to The Revolt of the Catalans, are Imperial Spain, 1469-1716 (1963); Europe Divided, 1559-1598 (1968); The Old World and the New, 1492-1650 (1970); A Palace for a King: The Buen Retiro and the Court of Philip IV, in collaboration with Jonathan Brown (1980); Richelieu and Olivares (1984); The Count-Duke of Olivares (1986); Spain and its World (1989). Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America, 1492-1830 was published in 2006…

American Philosophical Society, "John Elliott" (1982)

Dates at IAS
  • Historical Studies
Cambridge University Ph.D., 1955
Balzan Prize for History 1999
Prince of Asturias Prize for Social Sciences 1996
Knight Bachelor 1994
American Association for the Advancement of Science 1977
Fellow Royal, Academy of Letters Seville 1976
Fellow, British Academy 1972
Corresponding Fellow, Royal Academy Madrid 1965
King’s College London 1968–1973 Professor of History
Cambridge University 1962–1967 Lecturer in History
Cambridge University 1957–1962 Assistant Lecturer in History