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Johan Heilbron

Social Science
Field of Study
From 9/2017 – 7/2018:

Johan Heilbron’s project is about the internationalization of the social sciences. After assessing different modes in which social scientists have historically been entangled in cross-border exchanges, it will take up current issues with the aim of presenting a fresh view of the promises and pitfalls of globalizing social science.

Dates at IAS
  • Social Science
Distinguished Publication Award from the American Sociological Association, Section for History of Sociology 2016
George Sarton Medal for the History of Science (life time achievement award) of the University of Gand, Belgium 2014
Erasmus University Rotterdam 2008–2018 Professor
Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) 2009–2010 Visiting Fellow
University of Michigan 2009 Visiting Professor
Utrecht University, then Erasmus University Rotterdam 2000–2008 Holder of the Norbert Elias Chair