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Gerd Faltings


From the King Faisal Prize:

"Professor Faltings has made groundbreaking contributions to algebraic geometry and number theory. His work combines ingenuity, vision and technical power. He has introduced stunning new tools and techniques, which are now constantly used in modern mathematics. His deep insights into the p-adic cohomology of algebraic varieties have been crucial to modern developments in number theory. His work on moduli spaces of abelian varieties has had great influence on arithmetic algebraic geometry. He has introduced new geometric ideas and techniques in the theory of Diophantine approximation, leading to his proof of Lang’s conjecture on rational points of abelian varieties and to a far-reaching generalization of the subspace theorem. Professor Faltings has also made important contributions to the theory of vector bundles on algebraic curves with his proof of the Verlinde formula."

King Faisal Prize, 2014

Fields Medalist, 1986

Dates at IAS
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics
9/198812/1988 Fall
University of Münster Ph.D., 1978
Fields Medal 1986