Members and Visitors

Each year, approximately two hundred scholars from about one hundred universities and research institutions from more than thirty countries come to study at the Institute for Advanced Study, one of the world’s leading centers for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry.

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These visiting scholars, known as Members and Visitors, are free to interact with fellow scholars within and across disciplines, and are able to conduct their research unencumbered by teaching and administrative obligations usually present in their home institutions.

Research takes place in four Schools: Historical Studies, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Science, and also a Program in Interdisciplinary Studies. Members and Visitors are selected by the Faculty from more than 1,500 applicants, and come to the Institute for periods typically ranging from a term to a few years, most staying for one year. All Members and Visitors, whether scholars or scientists at the beginning of their careers or established researchers, are selected on the basis of their outstanding achievements and promise. From its inception in 1930, the Institute has adhered to its founding principle “…no account shall be taken, directly or indirectly, of race, religion, or sex.” A period at the Institute very often has a profound effect on a these scholars’ academic development, lasting for many years into the future.

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The Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study (AMIAS) provides support for current Members and Visitors to the Institute and a lifelong connection to the Institute for former Members and Visitors.