Frequently Asked Questions about the Workshop on Equity and Mathematics Education

Can I attend the Workshop on Equity and Mathematics Education for less than one week?

No, Workshop participants must attend the full one-week program, arrivingĀ  on Sunday, June 30, and departing on Saturday, July 6.

Will PCMI pay for my travel?

Yes, PCMI will provide you with a $600 travel allowance for airfare booked through the PCMI travel agent or for mileage if you drive your own car to PCMI.

How many meals will PCMI provide?

PCMI provides breakfast and lunch on weekdays (except July 4), a welcome reception on July 2, and a picnic dinner on July 4.

Will PCMI provide for my lodging? Where will I stay while I am at PCMI?

PCMI provides lodging for all WEME participants. Standard lodging for the WEME is a single occupancy hotel room. PCMI lodging is reserved in a Park City hotel that is nearby to the Prospector Conference Center where PCMI takes place.

What are the lodging options if I want to bring my spouse or family?

You may have one additional person stay with you in your hotel room at no cost to you. If you are traveling with more than one family/friends you may pay a fee for a larger lodging unit from the PCMI lodging inventory, depending on availability.