Frequently Asked Questions about the Undergraduate Faculty Program

Can I attend the Undergraduate Faculty Program at PCMI for less than three weeks?

No, Undergraduate Faculty Program participants must attend the full three weeks, arriving  on Sunday, July 5, and departing on Saturday, July 25.

Does my research need to be related to the PCMI 2020 research theme, Number Theory Informed by Computation?

No.  All you need is enthusiasm for learning mathematics.

Do I need to provide a reference letter with my application?

No, a reference letter is optional.

Will PCMI provide for my lodging? Where will I stay while I am at PCMI?

PCMI provides lodging for all UFP participants. Standard lodging for the Undergraduate Faculty Program is a private studio with a kitchen. PCMI lodging is reserved in several Park City properties that are nearby to the Prospector Conference Center where PCMI takes place.

Can I bring my family with me to Park City?

Yes, if you need larger accommodations you can pay a fee to reserve a larger lodging unit.

How many meals will PCMI provide?

PCMI provides an informal breakfast and lunch on weekdays and several casual suppers on weeknights TBD.

What is the weather like in Park City?

Park City is at 7000 feet (2134) meters, so is much cooler than Salt Lake City during the summer. Typical daytime temperatures are in the low to mid 80’s (around 27 or 28 C) but evenings are cooler, and there may be hotter periods each summer.   It is strongly recommended that you drink a lot of water throughout the day.