Infosys Prize 2023 in Mathematical Sciences Awarded to Bhargav Bhatt

Bhargav Bhatt, Fernholz Joint Professor in the IAS School of Mathematics and Princeton University, has been announced as the recipient of the 2023 Infosys Prize in Mathematical Sciences. Bhatt, who joined the Institute Faculty in 2022, was lauded for his "groundbreaking contributions" to the fields of arithmetic geometry and commutative algebra: "his research has revealed completely unexpected relationships between the two, showing that the deepest questions in both have surprising and very close connections."

Bhatt's work with Peter Scholze, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics and current participant in the IAS School of Mathematics special year workshop on p-adic arithmetic geometry, also drew praise from the award committee. Their work "introduces new ideas and powerful methods in an area at the heart of pure mathematics."

Since its inception in 2008, the Infosys Prize has honored those who have made significant contributions to scientific research and scholarship impacting India. The laureates of the 2023 Prize were shortlisted from 224 nominations by an international panel of jurors comprising world-renowned scholars and experts. Previous IAS affiliated recipients include Akshay Venkatesh, Robert and Luisa Fernholz Professor in the School of Mathematics, who was awarded the Infosys Prize in Mathematical Sciences in 2016, and Manjul Bharğava, Member (2001–02) and IAS Trustee (2017–22), who received the award in 2012.