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Dan Komoda
Clay Cordova, 2016

Get to Know 10 Early-Career Theorists

Where does Clay Cordova, Long-term Member in the School of Natural Sciences since 2015, go to think?

"The Institute for Advanced Study has an afternoon tea time, where he grabs a coffee and a cookie and heads out to a nearby pond to think about a question he’s currently stuck on or to talk it out on a walk with another physicist."

Symmetry Magazine profiles ten early-career scientists, including Cordova, who will begin as an assistant professor in physics at the University of Chicago this fall, and Tim Cohen, Visitor (2014–15) in the School of Natural Sciences and Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon. These scholars share what keeps them up at night, why they became theorists, and what they do when they're not doing physics.

Read more at Symmetry Magazine, a joint publication of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

July 30, 2019