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Robbert Dijkgraaf, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor

Best Wishes for the Holidays and New Year 2018

“I have deliberately hitched the Institute to a star,” Founding Director Abraham Flexner wrote to the Trustees of the Institute for Advanced Study in 1931. In 2017, the gravitational waves of a pair of colliding neutron stars were detected by the LIGO and VIRGO observatories, confirming the general theory of relativity as proposed by IAS Professor Albert Einstein more than a century earlier. The explosion happened approximately 130 million years ago.

—2017 Holiday Card Artwork by IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf

Please note that the Institute for Advanced Study will close on the evening of December 22, reopening on January 2 in the new year.

Wishing you the best this holiday season and a happy new year!
Institute for Advanced Study


December 22, 2017
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