Toni Mikael Annala Wins 2023 CMS Blair Spearman Doctoral Prize

Toni Mikael Annala, current Member in the School of Mathematics, has received the 2023 CMS Blair Spearman Doctoral Prize from the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) for his exceptional research “at the interface of algebraic geometry and algebraic topology.” 

At IAS, Annala is dealing with foundational questions related to intersection theory and algebraic cobordism. His research also has implications in other areas of mathematics and science, such as condensed matter physics and quantum algorithms.

The CMS Blair Spearman Doctoral Prize is awarded to one or two doctoral students from a Canadian university. Recipients are selected largely due to the quality of their dissertation, but other publications are also considered. Annala, for instance, is cited for his research articles published in journals including Annales de l’Institut Fourier, Journal of the European Mathematical Society, and Advances in Mathematics.

The CMS is the main national organization in Canada whose goal is to promote and advance mathematics. CMS activities include scientific meetings, research publications, and mathematics competitions.