Particle Fever: Where are they now?

"In Particle Fever, theorist Nima Arkani-Hamed says on camera, 'I’ve spent the last 15 years thinking about the LHC.'

Today, he’s still thinking about collider physics, but from different points of view. 'I still think about the same questions,' he says. 'The questions are really big and take a long time to solve.'

One of these questions is the extent to which nature is governed by elegant principles, and the extent to which everything is the result of random (and happy) accidents. Particle Fever explores this dilemma during a scene in which Arkani-Hamed and [David] Kaplan play ping-pong in a game of 'multiverse versus supersymmetry.'

Arkani-Hamed represents the idea that our universe is just one of infinite universes, all with their own rules of physics."

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